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HERO House NW Joins Nationwide Effort for Clubhouse Week of Action Aimed at Legislative Change

This week, HERO House NW is proud to join Fountain House, Clubhouse International, and over 40 other clubhouses nationwide to observe the second annual Clubhouse Week of Action from May 28th to 31st, coinciding with Mental Health Awareness Month.

Clubhouses across the nation, including HERO House NW, are dynamic, community-based centers offering critical recovery services for individuals living with serious mental illness. These services are vital for promoting employment, stable housing, and educational opportunities, significantly reducing the likelihood of psychiatric crises and hospitalizations.

Kailey Fiedler-Gohlke, CEO of HERO House NW, states, “We are proud to partner with Fountain House, Clubhouse International, and over 40 clubhouses across the country for the second annual Clubhouse Week of Action."

Ken Zimmerman, CEO of Fountain House, added, “This dedicated week of community organizing represents what clubhouses do best—building relationships while leveraging the expertise and leadership of members to be agents of change."

By seeing people as more than their illness and building essential relationships and trust, Clubhouses have proven to reduce psychiatric crises and hospitalizations while also increasing the likelihood that members will be employed, stably housed, and able to further their education. All of this saves lives, while saving taxpayers an enormous amount of money, and is a model that should be scaled to help more people in need.

From May 28-31, during Mental Health Awareness Month, 40 Clubhouses in more than 18 states and the District of Columbia have committed to take action.

Together, the participating Clubhouses and their members represent a cross section of the country, capturing people both from urban and rural communities and across the political spectrum. It’s a reminder that mental health has become a leading bipartisan issue and offers immense opportunity to invest in the evidence-based, community-centered solutions, such as Clubhouses, that can make a difference.

Monica Comeaux, a member of the Seattle Clubhouse, shares her story: "Participating in Clubhouse activities, from grant writing to social planning, has significantly transformed my life. The support here helped me pursue my education and more actively engage in the community."

This Clubhouse Week of Action not only highlights the efficacy of the Clubhouse Model but also calls for legislative change to support community-based solutions, addressing the needs of 15.4 million adults in the U.S. living with serious mental health conditions. This is a bipartisan opportunity to impact millions, promoting dignity and rights through proven, cost-effective strategies.

About HERO House NW

HERO House NW envisions a world where people living with serious mental illness thrive. With clubhouses in Bellevue, Seattle, and Everett, WA, HERO House NW champions mental health recovery by facilitating clubhouse expansion, providing a robust platform for recovery, and increasing public awareness of mental health issues.

About Fountain House and Clubhouse International

Fountain House is a pioneering mental health nonprofit that developed the clubhouse model in 1948. Clubhouse International extends this model globally, with over 350 locations in 33 countries, enhancing recovery opportunities and advocating for people with mental illness worldwide.

For more information about HERO House NW and how to support our initiatives, please visit or contact HERO House NW at

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