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2022 IMPACT Report

To help us realize our vision, HERO House NW relies on grants, public funding, and gifts from generous donors like you.

HERO House NW Funding

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Spending Responsibly

In Numbers

We are dedicated to spending your gifts responsibly, and to be good stewards of our donations.


We spend 81% of our funds on our daily programs–areas such as Employment, Education, and Social–that directly benefit our members and help them move forward with their lives.


The administrative costs to run the clubhouse programs of HERO House NW represent only 10% of our budget.


Annually we use 6% of our budget on fundraising and marketing.

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Financial Efficiency

HERO House NW’s financial practices demonstrate the highest standard of accountability and best practices. We encourage you to read our annual impact report and our 990 filings which are linked on this page. An annual financial statement from our independent auditor, Loveridge Hunt & Co. is available upon request.

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